lunaves stations

The lunaves stations are places where we host setups for autonomous moon watching.

At the moment we have two sites, both of them in Malta.  We have opted for convenience over romance  for our first two sites – infact both locations are in built up areas, more specifically, on the roof at residences of  some birdwatchers of the lunaves team – one day we will have stations in remote places, perhaps in nature reserves or in far-flung places. For the time being we have opted for ease of access to facilitate the day-to-day troubleshooting and maintenance that we have to do from time to time.


1. Malta…one of the last/first stop-over points before/from the African continent


2. Station #1 at Hamrun, station 2 @ Zurrieq


3. Wind-shelter and unobstructed views for the Zurrieq station


4.  Water-proofed, Zurrieq station


5. Sandro, proud custodian of station #2


6. In action ….during last Spring’s trials


7. Sheltered corner for station #1


8. Busy with prototyping at the workshop…

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