An irony of sorts

How many hours do you spend bird watching, scanning and zigzagging across virtual lines in the sky or clouds or against the sea? Just to feel that gentle breeze of birds passage. And it matters not if it is big or small- even the tiniest of Swallow whets the best of appetites.

Now, put on a pair of blinkers and limit your view to just a tiny sliver of the entire night sky (say 0.5 degrees). What do you think are your chances of seeing anything  flying around?

”O man of little faith, why do you doubt?”

Take Europe with its  2 billion passerines and 2 billion wildfowl.  Most of these will migrate only under the cover of darkness  – in fact it is probably the only reason why many of them have survived to date.  So if you compare your chances of  seeing something during the day when all is settled down,  with the rush hour of massive mobilization at night,  you have better  odds that something will cross across your blinkers .

The irony of this is that while there is all this bonanza, birdwatchers , are fast asleep (the normal ones at least), tucked under the sheets dreaming about the perfect catastrophe that would cause a massive fall of the very same creatures they are so fond of.

Statistics and blinkers aside, here are some pictures I have trawled from across the web. For me this is probably the point where I put the odds aside – irrespective of whether the images are photoshopped, whatever the size of the blinker, whatever the collateral damage on my retina…

Please let me have some more of this.

7147028959_b62727876d_z (1)

Image by Don Kittle at

pajaros y luna

 Image from


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