Getting two birds with one stone….

It is always interesting to come across other moon-observation initiatives – this one, led by Jose Madiedo from the Universidad de Huelva is surprisingly similar to what we have been trying to do with the lunaves setup.

The MIDAS (Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System) project deploys two moon tracking telescopes that track the moon and monitor blasts of meteoroids hitting  the lunar surface. A separate post-processing software unit processes the captured video to detect the meteoroid collisions.

The researchers have published a description of a recent event ( and placed video of it on YouTube: 

Perhaps Huelva is a bit too far off the Strait of Gibraltar flyway (even though it would be interesting to study spring migration in strong Westerlies as it is relatively close to Tarifa where we have our unit set up) but I am sure that over the past few years they must have come across quite a bit of nocturnal migration sightings.

If they are recording at a minimum of 30 frames per second it will interesting to post-process all of their footage through the Lunaves scanner.

If anyone has got any direct contact do let us know.

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