Throughout this autumn, we shall be deploying the first two autonomous moon watching setups which will allow us to make nocturnal migration observations throughout the upcoming 2013 autumn!

The  program starts in July and continues throughout November at two sites in central Mediterranean (Malta). Although Malta is not a primary route for migration
we have had positive results during trials carried out during spring.   More importantly, Malta has clear skies, at least till mid-October.

We should open the season with glimpses of sleeping-on-the-wing swifts before proper southbound migration kicks off with some early waders around July;  following that we should expect the first central European migrants, followed by even more north-based passerines, with the season concluding with a bang with the much anticipated arrival of starlings and thrushes. 

We will keep you posted about this initiative through the blog – so visit us from time to time for updates.  Also at the end of the research program we will be publishing all observations and findings – leave us your email address to make sure that you get your copy.

[November 2013 update: See summary results here]


We are also working to build a collaboration with any interested parties, be it research institutes or individuals .




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