Living on a prayer

Have a look at this great site about a moon watching initiative in the Alps – it goes back to 2009, but it is still as relevant today.

For us who are used to the luxury of the Mediterranean climate it is inconceivable how anyone can survive moon-watching,  on the snow and without shelter.

Well, one could argue that ‘no pain is no gain’, but this is a direct quote from their site:

“at 2400 metres above sea level… where we spent almost the whole night looking out for birds. It was cold. Very cold. But the bright moonlight draping the mountains was spectacular. Interestingly (and disappointing) was that we only saw two birds the whole night”

Two $*%! birds …..and still enough defrosted brain cells to be romantic !


O’ lord, here I lie at the foot of your cross, give us this night our daily birds and lead us not in the temptation. Amen.

More information about these wonderful lunatics,  here

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