Santa clears the skies….

All we ever asked for are clear skies – and it seems Santa heard our wishes. We have had fairly good weather over the past three days – just when we hit full moon with both units in rude health.

Perhaps it is the expectation that December is not really the season for migrants – or the Xmas procrastination kicking in a bit earlier. But we will process the captured videos over the next week in one batch as soon as the moon has subsided. Not expecting a lot, but any signs of migration will be a good sign.

The readings as of last night at Hamrun :

  • 475 minutes of recording
  • 84 minutes obscured    – moon completely invisible
  • 65 minutes searching  – moon partially visible, but not sufficiently good enough to record

This is the view from the wide-angle camera as of this morning from the Zurrieq station. The solar water heater?  It is an excellent alignment target to figure out whether the unit is pointing in the right direction when all you see is a dark sky.    It does not interfer at all with the recordings as the moon rises.


At the moment it not really looking good with all those high clouds…but perhaps Santa will be back tonight….

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