First moon for 2014….

We have had our fair share of rough weather since the start of the new year.  There have been days when there was barely the time for the sky to clear up before another storm would set in.


The two setups fared pretty well in the foul weather.  Unfortunately the Zurrieq setup has had yet another melt-down of the lens (sun shined through telescope during the day this causing the lens to heat up – we still have to implement a fix of the software to avoid this from happening yet another time).  There does not seem to have been permanent damage on the webcam even though the scope lens has melted.  So, if we are lucky, it might live to see another day….or night.

All seems to be calm  tonight – Hamrun station engaged without too many issues, the sky is clear and there is no wind.

The only concern seems to be the that the size of the recorded files is smaller than usual.  Typically in half an hour at 1080p resolution we get a file of about 1.3GB – the ones being recorded tonight are only half as that. There are many reasons why this could be happening, but it is likely to be down to a  loss of signal somewhere between the webcam and the processing unit The Hamrun unit is stored inside in a room below the roof where the scope is placed.  It could be that there is somethingwrong with the  5 metres USB extension that connects the two. For now I have changed the resolution to 720p (less resolution but better magnification) and we will analyse the files later.

Not sure if any migrants will be making their way southwards tonight, especially with such a mild winter.  But if they are…we are keeping an eye open.

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