lunaves going international

We are starting the 2014 with a bang –  we are adding two new units to the lunaves network along a major bird migratory route in Europe!

Double the units…double the nocturnal migration observations, we hope!


The first kit starting arriving today – there are more than thirty components for each unit and that means lots of orders and deliveries. Laptops and motors are still on their way but we hope to have everything in hand by this weekend. It is going to be a busy couple of weeks while we complete assembly. Although the setups will, more or less, be the same as the ones we already have, we shall be doing some minor upgrades and improvements based on the issues encountered so far.  Good weather proofing will be high on the list.

If everything proceeds as planned, by the end of February we will have a total of four units – two units monitoring migration across the Mediterrenean flyway (in Malta) and another two keeping an eye on migration at the selected location. More on this next week as we finalise plans…


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